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R.F.W.A. invades New York, New York



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The RFWA brand was created early in 2018 by a young entrepreneur, Linnea Mitchell, who wanted to draw more attention to quality Western products and talents. The inaugural, invitation only RFWA Exposition took place in Las Vegas in December 2018. The carefully curated shopping event featured a diverse array of apparel and accessory designers, artisans, jewelers and Western couture.

With more than 75 Western industry vendors, including its top makers and trend setters, the expo showcased exclusive looks and products.
Now, the RFWA Expo is a marquee part of the annual Western experience that takes place in Las Vegas every December. Its success in Sin City has led to its expansion to the Big Apple. In addition to its annual show in downtown Las Vegas, RFWA will premier new annual trends in New York City, beginning June 2020.

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December 3th - 12th

Plaza Hotel & Casino
9:30am - 4:30pm
Unknown Art

Desert Vibes

Expo Location

Home away from home


The Plaza sits in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas and on the first train depot and auction site in Las Vegas, which was built by the San Pedro-Los Angeles-Salt Lake Railroad in 1905. Senator William A. Clark of Montana and his brother, J. Ross Clark, were co-founders of the railroad, and the brothers sold their interest to Union Pacific in 1921.

The depot was demolished in 1970 to make way for the Union Plaza Hotel, which was built in 1971. The Plaza Hotel & Casino opened in 1971 at 1 Main Street, at the intersection of Main and Fremont Street, and was a fashionable stop on the first train service through Las Vegas.

From the bright, running neon bulbs to friendly dealers and great value, the traditional Vegas experience is still alive and well in downtown las Vegas’ favorite hotel & casino.